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    How it Works

    Get Your Job Done for Less with HirenPay

    Are you looking to hire a freelancer for a job you need done quickly and efficiently? And are you having to stick to a certain budget? If so, HirenPay can help you. HirenPay is a website designed to be the meeting place for freelancers and clients like you who need work completed. Whether you are looking for data entry, translation, content creation, engineering assistance or a white paper written, there is a freelancer out there for you. Let HirenPay help you with all of your needs. Get your job done for less.

    How It Works
    For the freelancer: Are you looking for work? Sign up and create a profile with HirenPay. Once you have your profile set up and ready to use, send your top of the line proposals to potential clients and get hired. Complete the project you are given and then get paid. HirenPay arranges the payment between you and your client quickly and simply. With HirenPay, you can quickly communicate with your clients and potential clients all with a few clicks. You are safe with HirenPay. Your funds are deposited into escrow where they are kept safe and ready for you when you are.
    For the client: If you are looking for a freelancer, you are sure to find the perfect fit with HirenPay. Post a project and allow the freelancers to come to you. Compare the bidders and select one that you wish to choose. Manage your open projects and add and delete projects easily. Once the bidder has completed a project, release the payment to the freelancer and begin another project. It is that simple and easy to use! Your transaction history is also available to you at all times. You can track your expenses simply and quickly.


    If you are a potential client who needs a job completed, there are added bonuses for you for using our website. When you sign up and post a job on HirenPay, you will receive 50% off of that job. Get your job done for half the price of the entire cost and get back to work! No other freelancing website offers such an amazing discount for its users. Sign up now to meet the perfect freelancer to read, write or create for you at half the cost. Still not sold? Check out the website to see what we can do for you and meet the perfect freelancer for you!